Farmers Lament Oil Exploration, Degradation In A/Ibom

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Farmers in Akwa Ibom State have decried the havoc they experience as a result of the oil and gas exploration with its attendant negative effect on their means of livelihood.

The farmers made this known yesterday when a delegation of Fishing and Farming Multipurpose Cooperative Societies (MPCS) from the coastal communities of Akwa Ibom paid a solidarity visit to Akwa Ibom Oil Producing Community Development Network (AKIPCON) Secretariat in Uyo.

The leaders of both the fish and crop farmers, Mr. Christopher Akpan and Nkereuwem Akpe respectively lamented the huge losses their members have suffered from their means of livelihood.

They listed such havoc to include loss of fishing equipment with floats of various sizes, outboard motor engines of various capacities, lack of good drinking water, pollution of water bodies and contamination of sea foods, low crop yield, oily soil due to oil spills on farmlands, lack of payment of compensation, non award of scholarships to their wards among others and appeal to AKIPCON to use their good offices and fight for their rights.

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