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Bishop Applauds Fayose’s Decision To Seize Wandering Cows

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The Bishop in charge of Diocese of Calabar Anglican Communion, Rt. Rev. Tunde Adeleye, on Monday, applauded the decision of Ekiti State governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, to seize some cows found wandering in the state.

The  governor, alongside his aides, and some youths were recently reported to have seized some cows found wandering in Ikole Ekiti, after the cattle rearers fled upon the sighting of the governor’s convoy

But, at a press briefing during the 2nd session of 9th Synod of the diocese of Calabar, Bishop Adeleye said the governor’s action was commendable, noting that it will help to checkmate the excesses of the Fulani Herdsmen, who had recently caused havoc across Nigeria.

Adeleye said the unfortunate and frequent clashes between herdsmen and farmers in Nigeria will continue if nothing urgent is done to restrict the uncivilized movement of cows across the country.

He described the call by some  Fulani Herdsmen for grazing land for their cows across Nigeria as an act of wickedness and selfishness.

While expressing disappointment over the Federal Government’s inability to take a decisive action on the matter, Adeleye said ” Human beings are being killed so that cows can feed. Yet, the government does not seem to be keen on doing anything.

“The Herdsmen have continued to clash with farming communities as they move around.  They completely eat up people’s farms, thereby setting hunger on homes, families and communities.

“It is because of this we highly commend the governor of Ekiti State, for seizing some cows reported to be wandering around.

“Even now, we understand that the Fulani cattle rearers are asking for grazing land for their cows within peoples communities. We think that the request for grazing lands in the country is wicked and selfish, to the advantage of some people and the exclusion of others.”

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