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2016 Hand Washing Day: Nigerians Urged To Embrace Hygiene

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As the world yesterday commemorated the global hand washing day, the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria under the Partnership for Advocacy in Child and Family Health, PSN-PACFaH, project in Nigeria, has called on Nigerians to embrace regular hand washing.

Speaking on the theme of the 2016 global hand washing day titled: “Make Handwashing a Habit” the Program Director: Strategy, PSN-PACFaH, Remi Adeseun said that hand washing is an important admonition that when fully complied with, prevents diarrhea, pneumonia and generally saves life.

Adeseun said that government has a major role to play in ensuring that Nigerians embraces regular and proper handwashing, adding that health promotion units at the federal and state levels should be reinvigorated to create a supportive environment, in collaboration with non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations and development partners, for health behaviour change through effective messaging to promote regular handwashing.

“Proper handwashing involves the use of water and soap, ash especially after using the toilet, bathroom, before and after eating, before and after breastfeeding and after every out-door activity etc.

“Although, most people wash their hands with water, it is the use of soap or ash that can actually remove germs, microscopic harmful organisms, that causes ill-health.

“More often than not, people tend to live healthy and practice good sanitary habits such as regular handwashing when they are more financially stable. Economic stability of Nigerians is directly linked to their health status. Health is wealth,” he said.

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