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APC May Not Rule For 16 Years – Waku

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All Progressives Congress APC Chieftain chief JKN Waku has urged APC to work hard to convince Nigerians that it deserves to be in power otherwise the party may not be as lucky as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that stayed in power for 16years.

Chief Waku, who spoke recently with our correspondent in Makurdi to mark the celebration of his 70th birthday, recalled that Nigerians did not vote for APC , rather they voted for President Muhammadu Buhari, because they needed change at that time.

According to him, unless APC put in more efforts the party is dancing with a shadow it can’t hold, saying, “I keep telling people that the easiest government that can be defeated is the government in power which has performed below average.”

He cited the case of Benue, Kogi, Niger, Plateau Nasarawa  states and the presidency where the opposition remove the government in power. Chief Waku, a former gubernatorial aspirant in the state during the last election said, APC needs to do better than what it is presently doing to gain more confidence in the minds of Nigerians if it want to be reelected in 2019.


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