Dahiru Kera Inducted As Senior Member CIGCD

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The Chartered Institute of Global Communication and Diplomacy (CIGCD) has on 8th October, 2016 inducted one of the development journalists and a rising star in journalism Dahiru Hassan Kera as its Senior Member.

Kera was the chairman Media and Publicity Committee of Dankwambo’s re-election campaign in 2015. He is a dedicated national and international journalist who is contributing to the development of the media.

CIGCD is a certified professional training, research and analysis center dedicated to furthering the study and practice of global communication and diplomacy.

It provides the broadest possible range of communication consultancy and a professional network for global business all over the world. The institute is intended to foster and promote professionalism and academic research in diplomacy as it affects global and business communication; promote academic collaboration around the world; facilitate joint projects and research opportunities among scholars, researchers and students through well-organized symposia and timely initiatives among professionals.

In addition, the institute is committed to facilitating dialogue and resource-sharing between the global business and diplomatic communities-to their mutual advantage.

The institute assumes a truly responsible task of training and increasing the professional competence of Nigerian diplomats, civil servants and corporate executives and inspiring would-be executives in accordance with up-to-date diplomatic standards, international laws and global communication techniques required to meet the challenging tasks and priorities of the demanding market.

Through the Institute range of services and networking, CIGCD members enjoys and take advantage of building a professional business link that promotes international trade and investment flows that creates new business opportunities and support wealth creation and public private partnership. In addition, through selected events such as investment fora, roundtable conferences, workshops and seminars, the institute is aimed at creating a platform where both local and international businesses meet to dialogue ways and means in building peaceful and co-existing business environment and opportunities.

By Andrew Eghosa, Abuja


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