The Movie ‘Conscripted’ Set For Premiere In Abuja

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“Conscripted “a fictional film that depicts security agencies’ patriotic fight against terrorism and other crimes in society is set for premiere in Abuja, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

The Producer of the film, Mr Aik Odiase, told NAN yesterday in Abuja that the premiere would hold on April 28 and 29 consecutively at the NAF Conference Center.

According to him, the movie tells the story of insecurity as a global challenge,and  why people should appreciate the unique sacrifices paid by security men  in the service to their fatherland.

He said, “Conscripted is a call-up to a sacrificial service to defend one’s country, and that of victory of good over evil.

“The story plot was culled from the Society, what the world and Nigeria in particular, is doing to surmount terrorism and all forms of insecurity.

“There were bombings, kidnappings, raping, armed robbery and other security challenges threatening the peace.

“Because of the increasing rate on security challenges in the country three selfless officers were drafted and specially trained by the relevant authorities to combat crime.

“ The gallant officers include: ‘Brown’ who is in charge of schematic ,’Pinky’  who is in charge of interrogation and  ‘Edge’ the head of the Special Anti-Crime Unit of the Police Force,”he said.

Odiase noted that like many security officers, the anti-crime squad members paid some costly prices in their passionate service to their country.

He added that the scenario was to reassert the need to appreciate and support security officers in ensuring a safe society for all.

“In the process, Edge lost his daughter, and Brown lost his mother that was earlier kidnapped.

“Pinky on her part,had to lose her relationship when she found out that her man was one of those terrorizing the state.

“All these clearly express the fact that our security men are human after all, they and their family also need protection, “he added.

Odiase explained that the movie featured iconic Nollywood stars Aik Odiase as ‘Edge’, Chinyere Onah as ‘Pinky’ and Preach Bassey as ‘Brown’.

He added that other cast include Sir K,Mikki Odey, Sunny Williams and Lizzy Ofuani, among others.

The director said that the movie was a big boost and would open new frontiers for the film industry in Abuja, since it was one hundred per cent produced in the territory.

“We have tried to use conscription to create a niche for the movie industry in Abuja.

“All the actors, producer, director, and even the equipment and locations used in the movie are from within Abuja.

“This is the first time this is happening, as what we usually see is to see someone come with casts and shoot a movie and then leave,”he noted.

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