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Huawei To Drive FDI In Nigeria With Safe City ICT Projects

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Huawei, a global leading ICT solutions provider said it aims to attract more foreign direct investments (FDI), economic and tourism growth, improve local security of the citizens with deployment of its new 4G and cloud-based smart Safe City solution across cities in the African continent.

In the Safe City industry, Huawei has launched end-to-end Safe City solutions with its partners, serving 400 million people across more than 100 cities of over 30 countries. Moving forward, it will continue to cooperate with its partners to develop open combined and smart Safe City solutions tailored to customer needs.

At the just concluded Safe City Africa Summit & Kenya Showcase 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya at the weekend, it showcased Safe City best practices in cities like Nairobi and Mombasa, and gave attendees the latest insights on industry trends and opportunities in the new ICT era demonstrating its new 4G and cloud-based smart Safe City solution co-developed with partners and successfully deployed in Africa.

Huawei teamed up with Safaricom to implement the first phase of Kenya’s Safe City project. Following the completion of the project, the cities have improved their local security and according to the Kenya Police annual report, crime rates from 2014 to 2015 decreased by 46 per cent in areas covered by the Safe City project.

President of marketing/solution sales department, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, Ms. Diana Yuan said, “Public safety is gradually becoming a necessity to raise living standards for everyone. We cooperate with partners and customers to build smarter, safer, and better connected Safe Cities with our new ICT infrastructure featuring Cloud-Pipe-Device integration. Huawei’s Safe City solutions will comprehensively improve city management and contribute to city safety and prosperity in African countries.”

Head of ICT, UN-Habitat,  Mr Kamal Naim , stated in his keynote speech that a safer city is grounded on three main pillars of prevention that embrace a holistic law enforcement and CJS reform, social prevention, urban design, integrated and multi-sectorial approach to improving the liveability of cities and quality of life for all urban residents, predicated on the confidence that good urban governance, planning and management can improve the neighbourhoods’ safety.

According to Shaka Kwach, head of special projects, Safaricom Limited, Kenya’s largest telecom network, the deployments of Huawei’s Safe City solution in Nairobi and Mombasa has drastically improved criminal investigation, cross-agency collaboration, and emergency response efficiency for the National Police Service resulting in tangible benefits to both the citizens as well as the officers using the solution.

At the summit, Huawei displayed its new smart Safe City solution, co-developed by Huawei and its partners. The solution consists of the world’s first visualised and converged command system, the industry’s first 4G professional trunking system, world-leading cross-region and cross-agency video cloud, and business-driven Safe City ICT infrastructure.

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